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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Some Creepy JDate IM Chat

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Head's up ladies...

A female friend of mine sent me this IM exchange she had on JDate the other night. Apparently this guy wrote her and told her how he had just gone to a friend's party at a gay bar. Then the conversation got a bit creepy, so she decided to have some fun with him. (NOTE - the names have been changed to protect the guilty)

The bottom line is that you never know who may be lurking on these websites. So always keep your wits about you, and use common sense.

But for the rest of us, enjoy!


JDate Guy: ever been to a gay or les bar/club?
GirlieGirl: maybe...
JDate Guy: what maybe?
JDate Guy: i've been before
GirlieGirl: lots of cute guys there
JDate Guy: haha
JDate Guy: and girls
GirlieGirl: absolutely
JDate Guy: it was a lot of fun
JDate Guy: lots of dancing
GirlieGirl: that's where i met my girlfriend
JDate Guy: thats cool
JDate Guy: how long you two been together
GirlieGirl: well, we're not really 'together'
JDate Guy: but? i am very openminded
JDate Guy: by the way,,my name is Don
GirlieGirl: do tell...
GirlieGirl: im lisa
JDate Guy: I am bi
GirlieGirl: likewise
JDate Guy: most people have some bi in them
JDate Guy: would you date a bi guy?
GirlieGirl: my girlfriends are pretty open minded about that stuff
GirlieGirl: i date all kinds of guys
GirlieGirl: and girls
JDate Guy: thats great
JDate Guy: we live nearby,,which is cool
GirlieGirl: do you mainly date girls or guys?
JDate Guy: what brings you to jdate ? looking for something serious?
casual? a mix of both? etc,,,,
JDate Guy: mainly women
JDate Guy: no wrong or right answer
GirlieGirl: just having fun
JDate Guy: where did you grow up?
JDate Guy: oyu date mainly men or women
GirlieGirl: where ever my mood takes me
GirlieGirl: tonite is going to be fun
JDate Guy: thats cool
JDate Guy: why
GirlieGirl: just waiting for my friend to come out of the shower
GirlieGirl: :p
JDate Guy: hehe
JDate Guy: have ap ic of her?
GirlieGirl: she's hotter than I am
JDate Guy: hehe,,you two ever take pics together?
GirlieGirl: maybe...
JDate Guy: me too with men
JDate Guy: its fun
GirlieGirl: do tell...
JDate Guy: noyour turn to do tell
GirlieGirl: lol... nice try
JDate Guy: do you have aim?
JDate Guy: i would loev to get to know you more
GirlieGirl: i have great aim
GirlieGirl: she LOVES it
JDate Guy: okay going to sleep hun
GirlieGirl: me too... going to bed
GirlieGirl: but i cant say im going to sleep
GirlieGirl: ;)
GirlieGirl: night night
JDate Guy: i would like to stay in touch
GirlieGirl: play your cards right, and you just might...
GirlieGirl: drop me an email sometime
GirlieGirl: night

Alexander Stone & Stephen David
Copyright 2008 - All rights reserved
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Anonymous said...

lol. That guy has written me also! He just comes out and says he's bi. Gross!

Anonymous said...

OMG! Me too! He must really get around the ladies on Jdate. Beware!!!

the infertile turtle said...

Eek. Worst I've had is one guy who repeatedly asks me if I'm into mud-wrestling.

Anonymous said...

so, are you into mud wrestling?

Anonymous said...

He's bi, and he's jewish... Get over it.

At least he doesn't waste 45 minutes of your time and THEN decide to ask you whether you date guys that are bi.

The "oh that's gross" girl above is likely not a girl for him.

Personally I don't want to sate someone who is bi either, but still, I see nothing wrong with this guys approach.

(not all) women don't seem to understand that dating for a guy, in the virtual or real, is an endless string of rejections and blow offs with the intermittent success thrown in. If guys spent an hour writing each email to someone on a site like Jdate they would be spending 20-40 hours a week (i.e. a full time job) writing to women to get maybe 10% or 20% responses.

In a bar you see someone, walk up, say hi, 8 minutes you either have already decided you are interested enough to keep talking or its done and you move on. That same 8 minutes can take 40 minutes of IM'ing. So I completely see his point of getting the ultimate deal breaker out there from the beginning.

Now likely Jdate is not the right site for this guy, but the girl "having a little fun at his expense", seriously uncool if you ask me.

How about "No, I'm not into guys that are bi sexual, sorry, have a great night, and good luck".