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Friday, May 11, 2007

Online Dating - How to Handle the 'Wink'

Sometimes also called a ‘tease’ or a ‘flirt,’ the wink is a quick, easy way to let someone know that you like their profile and want to connect with them. This article covers two aspects of the wink - when to send them (and NOT send them) and how to respond to a wink.

First off, winks are there so that WOMEN can contact MEN they are potentially interested in. Guys should NOT be using them to contact women - it shows laziness, a lack of creativity and that you have absolutely no balls.

I once sent a wink to a woman on, and she responded with a wink of her own. Lesson learned. Suck it up and send an email. To that effect, I would also suggest that women consider not sending them either. My usual reaction when I get a wink is to wonder how many other guys she sent one to - which brings me to my next point.

Responding to a wink is easy. Two sentences:

Thanks for the wink.

Looking forward to your email...


Trust me. If she is truly interested in you, she will write you back. My success rate when sending that response to a wink is well over 90%. I also like to just give my first initial in that response - let her write me first before she gets my name!

Good luck.

Alexander Stone & Stephen David
Copyright 2007 - Online Dating Edge / Approach Dynamics


Anonymous said...

Oh, I like that. For some reason I always thought I needed to figure out something important to say about them or their profile. Maybe I should experiment.

Anonymous said...

Yeh - a great reply - I also was trying to pick something to say from their profile. I hope this rather mysterious response gets better results than a well thought out email!

Newtothescene said...

Son of a.. I am hooked, and bookmarking this site now.

I have been out of the dating scene for 14 years, so this online thing is new to me, to say the least.

I got a wink from a women who I was very interested in, but not sure how to respond. Your blog post came up in the first google search, so I tried it.

Normally, I would send an email, and try and wax poetic or something on there profile, but your two line thing was so different I gave it a shot.

What do you know, within an hour, she has responded to me with an email, that started with 'Touche, I will start then" then into a couple of sentences, and closing with a 'why don't we meet over coffee face to face' I have barely said anything to her, and she is asking me out!!

I am hooked on your site now! Now I need to make sure I reply correctly to her!

SetNoEscapeOn said...

A very good idea; basically, it conveys that you're an assertive, yet playful individual.