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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Gifts you may want to avoid giving this holiday season

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Ok, you're dating and thinking about giving a gift to that special woman. Here are a few gifts you may want to avoid.

1. A vacuum cleaner.
2. Met season tickets for a girl who hates sports. I know you're a Met fanatic, but the gift is for her.
3. An Xbox 360 or Playstation 3. Yeh, you already have Wii (and are tired of it), but does she really want it? Or do you?
4. Clothing size Medium or Large. She's a "small". Know your sizes.
5. Lingerie. You're thinking we haven't done that yet, but I want to. Or, she always wears cotton and I want leather with whips and chains. Her response... see ya.
6. A ring. You have no plans on marriage but thought it would be nice. Great way to send the wrong message and in the end hurt her.
7. A treadmill. Am I fat?
8. A gym membership. Am I really that fat?
9. Cash. Uh, could you take a moment and actually think of a gift? Even a stinking gift card would be better! Nothing says I love you, or at least like you, like an envelope with crumpled bills!
10. A Family Guy T-shirt You think it's a funny show, she thinks its crap.

These guys apparently gave bad gifts:

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Alexander Stone & Stephen David
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Boston Mauler said...

Hey add these to your list:
11. A subscription to BEAVER magazine.
12. A Jenna Jameson BOXED set
13. A subscription to the beer of the month club.
14. A carton of cigarrettes.(Unless her last name is Bender)
15. A Beavis and Butthead Calendar.

JZ said...

great video- a shoe to the head- NICE

SiNdEe - w00t said...

16. a tazer

My boyriend bought me a personal one. He dumped me a month later, maybe I'll use it on him.

Haiku Sue said...

A true gift would be,
Steve or Alex doing me,
can we all meet up?

Nick said...

17. Box set of OZ, Band of Brothers, or Girls Gone Wild (unless you're the luckiest SOB on the planet!)

Alexander Stone said...

Send us a picture
Bathing suit is preferred
You have the address

HAIKU SUE said...

Alexander you
missed a syllable BOO HOO!
Stephen's turn for pic!

Stephen David said...

Girl, come out and play.
With or without lingerie.
That's it for today.

Rufus said...

How about a Cleveland Steamer?

lil'miss said...

A Cleaveland What?
Ok, BF told me what it is... never mind! I agree not a good idea!!!!

Lois Griffin said...

What's a Cleveland Steamer?