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Friday, December 7, 2007

Field Report: The Laughing Girls

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Stephen & Alex,
You wrote an article about "OSO" a couple of days ago. Could you give an example of what to say? Thanks.

Ok "Morpheus," if that is your real name. The best way to answer that is with a field report.

We were recently at a lovely outdoor bar in Rockville Centre, New York. A pair of cuties were spotted sitting at a table talking to each other and laughing. Why was no one moving in? Was everyone intimidated? Good thing we weren't.

Implementation of O.S.O. (observation, story, inference)was in order!

I walk over to the empty chair next to "Nikki" and say hello. They look surprised that someone sat next to them at the table.
"Couldn't help notice you laughing. It's my turn to laugh. Tell me a funny story." (OBSERVATION)
"I don't know any funny stories," she replies.
"I'll tell you one then!" I proceed to make up some story about a kid falling off a skateboard. (STORY)
I finish my story, and know I have her hooked.
"Oh, I have a funny story for you." AMAZING, she's comfortable with me and is telling me a story, it was actually a funny story. While telling me the story Alex begins to move in on "Dina" while "Nikki" can't stop touching my hand and knee while talking. Time to move her away from her friend.
"Let me ask you something," I ask. (I'll come up with an OPINION later, but I don't think I'll need one.)
"Sure," she responds attentively.
"Let's go somewhere quieter," I propose.
She looks over at "Dina," as if to ask permission. Alex has her occupied. Great job wingman! We move to an area in the back and she makes the move on me.

O.S.O. Thanks again.

Alexander Stone & Stephen David
Copyright 2007 - All rights reserved
Online Dating Edge / Approach Dynamics


Anonymous said...

I guess this was for me. Thanks for the sample. Why not write a list of situations and possible openers/OSOs? Post it on the blog or sell them? (cheap or give me a discount)

Anonymous said...

What a blatant, lame rip off! Clearly someone has been TIVOing the Pick Up Artist...Weak game guys.

Anonymous said...

Sorry jeffz, they were around before "The Pickup Artist" on VH1- But I'm sure you've read their article on the show. Are you a Stern fan and feel that everyone is still ripping him off? Probably are. Get a life.

Anonymous said...

WOW! The Mauler doing his best to not bash us? Thanks! Yeh, we've been around longer than the VH1 show, but not aslong as Mystery and his crew. We're not the same as those guys, but respect what they do. Sure there are similarities (and many differences), but there are similarities between most groups, organizations, companies that are in the same field. Happy dating!

Anonymous said...

Am I a groupie?
I think you guys are so chill
I think I'm in lust.