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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Politicians Get the Ladies

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This is a reprint of an article which we originally posted on October 21, 2007. But it looks like we need to add Eliot Spitzer, the esteemed (soon to be ex) Governor from New York, to our list. Bottom line is this - if your wife has a facial expression like this, you in serious trouble!

Random question:
Why do so many people cheat and has it always been that way?

As for the first part of the question, the simple answer is because "you can". You can google that question, run it through, or Yahoo-oo it and you'll probably find a million and one different reasons. Unhappiness, curiosity, boredom, problems in the marriage, revenge...

As for part two, it probably always has been and probably always will be a rampant occurrence! Take politicians, for example. Do they all have affairs? Are infidelity and adulterous relationships that common, or are they just so much in the public's eye that getting caught is all but guaranteed?

Look at Clinton and his cigar. JFK likely had Monroe and Judith Exner. Thomas Jefferson apparently fathered children with a slave named Sally Hemings. Harding, FDR, Eisenhower, even George Washington apparently wore the "Scarlet Letter". And those are just Presidents!

Then there was Strom Thurmond, a segregationist who fathered a child with a black woman. And don't forget about "REVEREND" Jesse Jackson, who also had an illegitimate child! And how could I not include Cecilia Sarkozy (I know she's not the politician, but you get my point). I wonder if Indira Ghandi or Margaret Thatcher ever got busy? On second thought I don't want to know!

Unfortunately, or luckily for some, the internet has made having extramarital affairs even easier with the likes of Craigslist and Discreet Adventures.

Alexander Stone & Stephen David
Copyright 2007 - All rights reserved
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Anonymous said...

Yes, So true, so true.
What a truly sad sad world.
What happened to love?

Anonymous said...

5, 7, 5
Yep, I think that's Haiku.

Here's another classic Haiku:

That was cool (huh-huh)
When we killed that frog (huh-huh)
It won't croak again

Anonymous said...

guys, more advice please
but not from fat ugly bitch
michelle is a loser.

a fun video
a field report or maybe
come back to boston

2 haikus for you!

Anonymous said...

The Boston Mauler
Can't get laid at Lane Bryant
Darwin at his best

Anonymous said...

what did he do that was so bad? he was obviously stuck in a sexless marriage and looked elsewhere for companionship. this country sucks.

Anonymous said...

Anyone have Kristen's number- I have a free weekend....