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Friday, March 7, 2008

The Role of the Wingman

For more information about our services, including assistance with online dating profile writing, as well as live approach workshops, click here.

Let's keep this simple. A wingman is a guy you go out with that helps you in approaching women. The biggest mistake made is having a wingman that is not as experienced or as secure as you are.

Although the "pilot" is the individual trying to approach and secure a "target," it is the wingman that needs to deftly manouver tough situations (ok- lame reference to fighter pilots...engage, distract, and support). When having a friend wing for you, make sure you are comfortable together. An ideal wingman realizes his function (to help YOU!) and is not out for himself! He is there to open approaches (get you in), help you in isolating the target (read: block her friend(s)), and provide any other support.

Just because you are buddies with someone does not mean they are a good match as a wingman. Married men (that wear their ring) at times make good wingmen because they are less intimidating to women. Although sometimes women want what they seemingly can't have. Women make great "wingmen" as well. They can, at times, infiltrate groups of other girls as well as a well skilled wingman. Proceed with caution though when using "wing women" as they can sometimes intimidate certain groups of targets.

During our Live Approach Training we will act as wingmen for you during a day/night out. Before we actually "move in on a target," we will spend some time with you addressing initiating an approach, following a lead, conversation (OSO), body language, and confidence.

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Anonymous said...

Great find on the commercial- I forgot all about it!

Anonymous said...

My buddy is NOT a good wingman- he's only out for himself. Prick. You've convinced me to find someone else.

Anonymous said...

tried the oso from an earlier post- it works! Thanks.