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Monday, November 5, 2007

Field Report: Stick to the Story

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Guys, my "pal" just made me look like a tool. We were out and I got in with a group. I made up a little story about him and he totally busted me. I thought he was my wingman, but he let me down. Warn your blog reading public about the atrocity of "not sticking with the story!" - sent from Jerome in NY, NY

We've all been there before- a buddy is in with a group of girls and things are progressing nicely. They are laughing, he's the center of attention. Even the guys that were with the girls originally (potential blockers) are laughing right along. You see an opportunity to move in and do so. Your buddy introduces you and then oddly mentions how you were the guy that was slashed by the hockey stick. You pause and in your head you try and recall ever even playing hockey. Your pal has that look in his eye. You laughingly say, "yep, that's me."

That's the way most people would see things going. Your friend, for what ever reason, just made up some story and you went along with it. We are not here to discuss the morality of the situation. The best I'll do is say this- I'm not one for lying, but a little white fib almost never hurts anyone. Almost never.

Jerome, we agree - STICK WITH THE STORY!

Alexander Stone & Stephen David
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Anonymous said...

A. Stone told the truth
Yes, S. David does agree
Haiku is now dead

I thought I was going somewhere and it fell apart.
I agree, stick to the story.

Anonymous said...

A couple of points. First, while it can be ok to come up with a small fib when talking with a group of women ('Hey Bob, tell her about that time you chased that bear upstate'), I would not recommend outright lying to women or making any material misrepresentations about yourself (your age, net worth, etc.). Also, if your friend puts you on the spot with one of those situations, and you are unsure what to say about that time you 'got slashed with a hockey stick,' you can say something like, "Oh yeah, that was a great story. I'll tell you about that later.' And then change the subject. But don't call your friend out on a made-up story, at least not while you are in set. That's not cool. Remember, bros before hos.