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Friday, March 16, 2007

Field Report - The Fake Job

Alright, not all of us have what some would consider to be a "cool" or even an interesting job, and at times the question of what you do comes up. While honesty is always the best policy, there are times when playing around can be fun. One of my buddies, for instance, introduces himself as a "paper clip repairman" or a "miniature golf caddy", or my personal favorite, "the lettuce guy at Taco Bell." No offense to anyone who has the latter position.

In contrast, another buddy of mine hates his job as an accountant, so for the hell of it he always says he's an actuary to women he's making the move on. Usually they have no idea what an actuary does so he can just BS a little and move on.

Well, it all backfired the other night! He told this smokin' blonde he was an actuary to which she responded, "what level?" As it turns out, an actuary takes a number of different exams to advance in their status. He said, "second level." She smiled, laughed, and said, "which one of your friends is really the actuary?" In the end, it didn't matter, but lesson learned... when "switching" jobs #1- know what that person actually does and #2 be something cooler than an actuary!

Alexander Stone & Stephen David
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Anonymous said...

I happen to be the "lettuce guy" discussed above and I wanted to add my two cents. Depending on the situation you are in, the question of 'What do you do?' can either be an innocent attempt at starting a conversation or something that is extremely rude and inappropriate to ask. Since graduating from law school, I have run into more than my share of women who probably did not have the best of intentions when asking that question. As such, I decided to shake things up both for my own amusement and my own sanity. Telling women that you work in some odd job like the ones discussed above accomplishes many things at once, including showing a sense of humor, weeding out the gold-diggers and testing THEM to see if they have any personality. If you are a beginner, I would strongly suggest you start with one of my suggestions rather than creating a job that may be higher status than the one you presently have. The guy who says he is an actuary is extremely skilled at these type of interactions, and could truly give a shit about any particular outcome. If your goal is to meet people for more than a random five minute chat, you would be doing yourself an extreme disservice by misrepresenting yourself.

Anonymous said...

I usually go with "sanitation engineer" or "garbageman". HAHAHA- you'd be suprised at the responses

Anonymous said...

I tells girls I'm a financial analyst when I know I'm just trying to get laid and am not looking for relationship material. Honest otherwise.

Anonymous said...

i'll sometimes tell a guy i'm a masseuse... silly boys, you're like putty in my hands!!!!!!