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Monday, May 28, 2007

Some Interesting Date Spots

As summer approaches, we thought we would share a couple of our interesting date ideas. Whether it's a first date (but NOT a first meeting!) or someone you have been seeing for a while, these spots are likely to score you some creativity points. It can be our little secret...

Take her to the zoo:

Yeah, I can hear you all quoting that line from Rocky, but I can assure you that those of us with average and above-average IQs also like the zoo. Rocky actually gives us a great tip for a date. The zoo is a great way to spend a few hours outside, seeing interesting sites together, sharing a snack, or riding around in something like a monorail or skyfari.

Here in the New York metropolitan area, we have the Bronx Zoo (one of the greatest zoos in the country) and some smaller zoos like the one in Central Park. A couple of key places to stop off at the Bronx Zoo include: the Skyfari (sneak a kiss or 2 from above the tree tops... where is she gonna go? ;), the Butterfly Garden (don't ask, but women love it), the gorilla exhibit where you can be amazed at the majesty and beauty of our simian friends (or just watch them pick their many orifices), or you can regress to childhood while having fun on the Bug Carousel. Also, if you plan on going to these zoos more than once (once you learn your way around you can play 'tour guide' on future dates!), consider becoming a member - it will save you money and it's a good cause!

Rollin on the River:

Another great idea is to go kayaking. Here’s what you do. Put together a little picnic basket and grab a couple of kayaks (if you opt for the tandem kayak, you can spank her for not paddling fast enough!) Get there early enough so you can spend more time on the river. About halfway down, pull off to the side and go for a swim before having some lunch. Also, feel free to splash at will - it’s all good! This is a fun, relaxing way to spend the day, and a REAL nice change of pace for us city dwellers.

For those of you in the NY/NJ/PA area, there is a great spot on the Delaware River right by the Water Gap. There is a company there called Adventure Sports that rents kayaks, canoes and rafts for trips ranging from a few hours to a few days. The staff is real friendly, the prices are reasonable and it's real easy to get to (less than 90 minutes from NYC, right off of Route 80 at the New Jersey/Pennsylvania border). And you can drink on the river!

Alexander Stone & Stephen David
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Anonymous said...

Apparently guys, even German's like the zoo