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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Online Dating - The First Email: Don't Be a Jackass

Guys... here are some examples of what NOT to do when sending a first email (as sent to us by their unfortunate recipients - thanks ladies!). If any of your opening messages sound even remotely close to these, you need to contact us IMMEDIATELY.

If any of y'all have more examples of disastrous emails, send em along!

My name is XXX and i'm from manhattan, i'm real sua - ve, but no, i'm not latin, you look cute and nice so give me some adivce; how do i contact i can bring you some rice, ...and beans, not jeans, no, cause they're too expensive, deisel, seven, yo, that stuff is junk, gimmie some carhartt, i ain't no punk...cause i was born here! word.

Just want to say hi my name is XXX I am a director of photography / editor in New York City, I would like to thank you for helping me to finally understand what the expression breath taken really means? YOU!!!!! This is not a line that is exactly what I felt when I saw your picture. I do not know how to sale myself or how to play this on line dating thing nor I care to learn how to do it because I am not into playing games, in business I have an agent and a manager to sale me with you all I know I would love to meet you and through my actions let you know the kind of person I am. It will be honor to have the opportunity get to know you... XXX

After 10 years bouncing between Boston and DC for school, jobs, gradschool, etc, I was summoned – like Batman seeing the bat-signal in thesky - to undertake a revolutionary adventure I couldn't refuse -rebuilding a government from the ground up….here on Long Island.

But it's odd to be suddenly thrust into suburbia - hence my foray into jdate - and frequent cathartic trips to the city. It's gorgeous whereI live though - Port Jefferson, on the harbor – and very much lookingforward to summer in the Hamptons and on Fire Island.

You should know that I think it's important to have a good time, andeven do absurdly silly things, especially while you're changing theworld. And to help along the way, I have a crazy puppy-like Siamesecat who wears a Jets helmet and a cape.


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