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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Field Report: The Thong


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I'll admit it, there are just some things I just don't understand about women. Here's one - thongs. Don't get me wrong, I love the thong. But why do women wear them? I've been told "they're comfortable!" I don't beleive it! How can a string or cloth wedged in your ass be comfortable?

I have also been told, "I don't want panty lines." If I didn't want panty lines and it was "safe" to do so I'd just skip the underwear sooner than have that floss up there! Others have told me "it feels sexy." I can't understand how it "feels " that way but... even though I don't understand why, please don't stop wearing them!

The reason for my rant is simple. I was at a watering hole on Long Island called "Paddy McGees", when I noticed a young woman hanging over the fence of dock... at least I noticed her thong. I walked over and introduced myself.

"Hi, I'm Stephen."

"Hi I'm Jenna."

"Just had to tell you that you that you should wear a better thong."

"What?" (shocked, confused)

"The rest of you is great, the thong is the problem."

I explained that it seemingly had no personality and she should try one with rhinestones or something. She then pulled down at the side of her skirt in order to show me that it was in fact "bejeweled". We talked a few more moments and I asked for her number. DONE!

It really IS that simple. Just find something in the envirornment and use that for your opener. And who knows? If you are creative enough, maybe you can get a 'peek' (or more!).


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Anonymous said...

Have some fun trying to guess the celebrity's thong.