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Monday, July 16, 2007

Video: The First Date - Does Your Car Matter?

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Is the type of car that you drive going to have any influence on whether or not your first date will be successful?

In an attempt to answer that question, some interns from went around the streets of downtown Chicago asking women how they would react if a guy showed up for a first date driving different types of cars. Here are the results:

Video courtesy of YouTube

Now let's remember, these women are being put on the spot in front of a camera on a busy street. Given these circumstances, it is no surprise that their answers pretty much mirrored society's stereotypical views on those cars.

In reality, the type of car that you drive is NOT going to have very much of an influence on the success of your date (or at least it BETTER not, or you have trouble on your hands). Then again, in New York City, the mere fact that I HAVE a car puts me at the head of the pack.

However, you can be assured that the CONDITION of your car WILL be a factor. Before picking up a woman, make sure your car is clean - both inside and outside. Get rid of any stupid ornaments, such as fuzzy dice or goofy bumper stickers. If your car has any visible body damage (and you don't have a kick-ass story as to how it got there), you might want to consider taking another car.

But that being said, you should STILL never give a direct answer if a woman throws you a shit test by asking you what kind of car you drive. I like to tell them I drive a converted ice cream truck.

Alexander Stone & Stephen David
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