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Friday, July 13, 2007

Dating: Take Her to IKEA

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Yesterday we looked at a Jdater's essay about taking a girl to Costco for an ‘ideal first date'. I mentioned that this type of date is actually a GREAT idea, but Costco is probably not the best choice of venue. So if you are going to go this route (and be prepared to win points for being creative and ballsy), head over to IKEA.

Here's what you do. Start at the snack bar and grab some coffee and one of those Swedish desserts (nothing TOO messy). Then sit down at one of the kitchen tables and chat for a little while. From there, be creative. You can head to one of the sofas and start a pillow fight. Or you can grab a salesperson (if you can find one!) and tell him you are newlyweds who are expecting twins. Have him show you some bunk beds. And who knows? Maybe you'll get to try one of them out...

This date also gives you the opportunity to see HER creative side. Take her down to the marketplace and get her sense of style. See what kind of furniture, accessories and prints she is into. Are you guys gonna gel?

Now getting back to those points you are going to score. Ask yourself how many times this woman has been on the same boring 'dinner and a movie' date. Then try and guess how many guys have taken her to IKEA. Exactly. She'll be talking about this one for a LONG time. (TIP - scope the place out before your date and figure out your way around. Ikea is notoriously difficult to navigate).

It is also QUITE hard to spend a lot of money on an Ikea date. This is a FUN and INEXPENSIVE venue, and it also sets a good tone for future dates with her. After all, you really can't go anywhere but UP from here. Of course, have a plan for something else to do afterwards in case you want the date to continue.

You can set up the date with something like this:
"Hey, let's hang out [Sunday]. I am heading over to Ikea to grab a few things. You should come. Maybe I'll let you pick some stuff out..."

Good luck!

Alexander Stone & Stephen David
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