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Monday, July 23, 2007

Live Earth - The Forgotten Post

By popular request, here is the synopsis of a few of our approaches from the Live Earth Concert at Giants Stadium. As a reminder, Approach Dynamics will be conducting another Live Approach Training at the Saw Doctors concert on Saturday, August 11, 2007 at Irving Plaza in Manhattan. Seats are filling up FAST, so if you want in, click here and sign up.

1. Upon moving towards our seats, I noticed a row of 4 girls sitting by themselves. Showtime! I moved in with "The Jackal" and "Iggy" and quickly things were progressing. They all happened to graduate a year ago from "The Dalton School" (Reverse Gold Digger?) and are currently attending Indiana University. Conversation flowed well, and after a little banter, we went on listening to the music and talking amongst ourselves. They quickly clamored for more attention. Props to "The Jackal" and "Iggy" for their good work!

2. About 3 hours after the debacle with the "rude girl", Jackal made another attempt. He moved in on a different girl in the set, who looked like someone had shot her dog.
"Come on, lets have some fun!" he said jovially.
(Playing dumb and having fun) "Are you ok?"
"She's fine," said the blocker (biatch 1)
"I'm ok," the girl promptly responded.
Another blocker, a bony, weird looking guy in a V neck t-shirt said in a hostile voice picking a fight, "hey where's your ticket, dick?"
The Jackal: "In my pocket, I'm sure you'd like to get it."

Then Jackal turned to the target with a smile and said, "sorry everyone here is so angry... try and have some fun."
As he returned, Jackal shook his head and said, "Wow, what a sad bunch."

No truer words had been spoken!

3. After our foray into the college scene, I proceeded to move in on a more mature woman. A lovely 30 year old lawyer from NJ. She approached me about how much she loved my kissing penguins shirt. PEACOCKING at an environmental venue! :) She started getting all cerebral with me about carbon emissions, global warming, and electricity generation. Good thing I have multiple degrees in related fields! She was smitten. She asked if she could give me her email so that maybe we could get together.

4. Upon leaving the show, I noticed a girl on top of a 3 to 4 foot high divider, which was separating buses that were heading back to Manhattan from a huge crowd of concertgoers. She was looking around and yelling out to people she went to the show with.

"What's going on at the front of the line 'Girl On Top'?" I asked her.

She smiled while loving the attention and we proceeded to have some friendly double-entendre laden conversation.

The Jackal then climbed up onto the divider with the 'Girl on Top' for a little bit, while I ran interference with her other girlfriends down below. As we got on the buses, Jackal asked for and received the golden digits. Once again, well done my young apprentice!

Lessons learned here? It's all about having fun. Don't worry about the outcomes of any particular interaction, "IT JUST DOESN'T MATTER". Oh yeah, and fruity-looking guys in v-neck t-shirts like hanging out with bizatches.

Alexander Stone & Stephen David
Copyright 2007 - Approach Dynamics / Online Dating Edge

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