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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Online Dating: Dr. Keith Ablow

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I’m currently working with a few clients down in Florida (Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach, and Miami) and thought I finally had a few moments to relax. No such luck! I sat down after hitting the beach and flicked on the television and found a program on internet dating. There goes relaxation! I grabbed a pen and started taking notes...

The show was called ‘Dr. Keith Ablow’. Apparently the host is a doctor of some sort, although I’m not quite sure of what. I’ve never heard of the guy before, but then again, I don’t get to watch much daytime television. It’s a talk show much like Dr. Phil, except this Ablow guy isn’t Oprah’s bitch, and there were no alien sightings or guys deathly afraid of PEACHES, a la Maury Povich. Check out THIS nutjob...

The Dr. Keith episode was entitled, “Can You Find Love Online, or NOT?” Here’s a brief rundown:

1. A girl and guy (approx 30 to 35 years old) were interviewed about their lack of success with online dating. Apparently the girl found the guy online and based upon his profile she set up a date with him (really a first meeting) and had a camera follow them on the date. She strolled into a café with her dog and acted like a total biatch herself! (WOW! Two mistakes right off the bat!) On her behalf, the guy also lied about his height (3 inches I think) and his photo was at least a year or two old. These two could have REALLY used our help.

2. Another gentleman was carted onto the stage where his lack of success was also discussed. Well, I suppose lack of success is how you define it. He has dated over 700 women in the New York City area (poor bastard, I KNOW), but unfortunately has not found love. Then again, he never outwardly said that he was in fact looking for love. He seemed quite proud of his accomplishments, and was chided by the audience about having a spreadsheet entry for each woman he has dated.

The use of a spreadsheet is in actuality a FANTASTIC idea. This helps keep one organized and allows for easy access and editing. This is an especially useful tool for those of you that are serial daters, are looking for multiple long term relationships (MLTRs), or wish to maintain backup booty calls. Note: we DO NOT encourage lying or being a jerk- but if that’s your thing, a spreadsheet is a must! Stay tuned for a future article on how (and why) you should date multiple people.

3. Next up were an older man and younger woman, who met on They are currently married and she discussed how the relationship started off as a typical sugardaddy/sugarbaby relationship but evolved into love. Now, I have a hard time swallowing that, but who am I to judge? If being a sugardaddy is your thing go for it, if not read our articles on “How to Spot a Gold Digger.” According to the woman, what attracted her to his profile was his screen name (GRUMPYOLDMAN). The lesson learned here is to be creative or seek help.

4. Another happily married couple who met online was then brought onto the stage (NOTE: The wife had previously dated the guy with the spreadsheet! Small world…) One interesting comment was made by the husband. He said he had been using online dating for only a couple of months when he met his soon to be wife, but the hardest thing for him was going home after a date to emails from five new women. Remember, KNOW what you are looking for, don’t settle, and when you find it, don’t keep looking for the bigger better deal.

5. Finally, a couple of ‘experts’ were brought on and they stressed the importance of date coaching. One of whom was Virginia Vitzthum, author of 'I Love You, Let’s Meet' (NOTE - It sounded good on the show, but I haven’t read it).

Think of this way. If you have never been to a gym before, or you have been going but are not getting the results you want, you seek out the help of a personal trainer or coach to assist you. Online dating is no different - and that’s where we come in.

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Alexander Stone & Stephen David
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