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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Conversation Topic: The Sopranos Ending Explained

We're going to go a bit off topic this afternoon.

Just got an email which seems to put an interesting spin on the ending of the Sopranos. I do not know who came up with this (I don't have this kind of free time on my hands!), but it does seems to make sense.

Could make for an interesting conversation topic on a date...

Here is a very interesting interpretation of the ending:


In fact, the ending was GENIUS if you've paid attention to the show or are just a fan of well developed, well thought-out plots that all tie together (and you have the memory of a champ to remember it all).

The ending was simple, he got killed. But let me tell you why and explain in detail. There were 3 people in the diner that night who had a reason to kill Tony.

First, the two black guys. They were paid before to kill Tony, but he was only shot in the ear. This was in one of the earlier seasons. Also in the earlier seasons, the trucker who was sitting at the bar stool (who the camera kept focusing in on) is Nikki Leotardo, Phil Leotardo's nephew! He was in one of the early-season episodes where Phil and Tony have a sit down.

Now when Tony is walking into the diner, you see the camera focus on him - then it switches to his perspective, and you see him looking at the booth where he is going sit at.

Then the camera switches back to Tony’s face - then once again switches to his perspective, where it shows him looking at the door and the people coming in. Everytime the door opens, the chimes sound.

Carmela walks in, chimes. AJ walks in, chimes. Then Meadow is seen parallel parking, still trying to get inside the restaurant. At this point the camera switches back to the trucker who goes in the bathroom.

Then it switches to a scene where Meadow finally parks and starts running in the diner.

The door is about to open, and Tony looks up.
But no chimes...
No music...
Everything just goes black...

In one of the early episodes of the Sopranos, Tony is talking with Bobby about what it must feel like to die. Bobby says "at the end, you probably dont hear anything, everything just goes black".

Part of this was revisited at the very end of the second to last episode, when Tony is about to go to sleep and he flashes
back to the memory of him and Bobby on the boat.

"You probably don’t hear anything. Everything just goes black".

So in the end, the Journey song was playing, the chimes on the door sounded but when Meadow came in, the guy in the trucker hat came out and killed Tony...

This is the reason you don’t hear, or see anything when he died. It was from his perspective... and everything went BLACK.

Then the credits rolled.

1 comment:

3pointshooter said...

The Nikki Leotardo theory has been thoroughly debunked as an urban legend. The guy in the Members' Only jacket has never acted before, and so has not played Nikki Leotardo in any previous episode.

Tony dying is also inconsistent with what one might expect from David Chase. I think the point is that the show picked up at some random point in Tony's life, and it ended at some other random point. As in life, there are no clean endings.