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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Great Date Ideas - Bowling & Pool

Following up on our previous article, 'Some Interesting Date Spots', here are some more ideas for fun places to take a date.


Bowling is always an excellent date spot. First off, you can immediately weed out the high maintenance women who dont want to mess up their nails. Secondly, it is fun, interactive and (unless you are at Bowlmor in New York City), relatively inexpensive. Finally, it's a GREAT opportunity for you to check out her 'form' (i.e. her ass!), while she bowls. You didn't get that from me...

I look at bowling dates from a '3 game' perspective (especially if it is an early date). The first game is more of a warm up. You are still getting used to the envirormnent, and each other. Make sure you have a decent pair of shoes and a ball that fits your hand so you don't look like a tool. Start off with some random chit-chat about how you haven't bowled in such a long time, tease her about messing up her chances with you if she misses some easy shots and hint to her that the next game is going to have a wager attached to it.

By the second game, you guys will hopefully be engaging in real conversation. Don't worry so much about bowling at this point - your focus should be on talking with her. Remember, the place is charging you by the GAME, not the hour. Use the excuse to bowl if there is a lull in the conversation or if you want to keep her in suspense about something. Your wager for this game should be something along the lines of a round of drinks or my favorite, a 'secret'.

The third game can be optional, but you should go for it if things are going well and you want to chat more. If you want, you can skip this game and take her somewhere for dessert. If you play, your wager should be for something after you guys leave (dessert, first round of drinks somewhere, etc.). But whatever it is, make sure it is for something THAT DAY. Do NOT make plans for another date while on a date, especially if you just started seeing her.


Another good idea is to go and shoot pool. A lot of what I said for bowling will apply here as well (but try to avoid checking out another aspect of her 'form' when she leans down to take a shot - she WILL catch you).

One advantage of pool is that, unlike bowling, you will probably play a lot more games. This gives you ample opportunity to place mini wagers as you go along (start with a drink, work your way up to a 'secret' and see where it goes from there). And you can show her how to hold the stick!

For those of you in New York City, a good place to go is Fat Cat Billiards in the West Village. It kinda resembles someone's basement, but they have plenty of pool tables (as well as foosball, ping-pong and even chess). They are also VERY reasonably priced (at least for NYC standards).

One final tip for bowling and pool. By no means am I saying throw the game and let her win (unless the wager is something you WANT to give her - a massage for instance?), but DO try and keep the games close. Things tend to get boring if you are kicking her ass each game.

Good luck!

Alexander Stone & Stephen David
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It's also important for guys to know how to lose graciously (it does happen, I kicked my boyfriend's ass on our first date). If a guy flips his lid or gets ultra-competitive, it's going to put up a red flag for his date.