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Friday, June 29, 2007

Excellent Show for Approaching Women: Keys to the VIP

For those of you learning how to approach women, there is a GREAT program on the FUSE Network (also on the Comedy Network in Canada) called ‘Keys to the VIP' which shows us live, real-time approaches in a club setting.

The premise of the show is that two guys are pitted against one another at a Toronto-area club to find out which of them has better game. There are hidden cameras located throughout the club and each player is wired for sound so we can witness their approaches. We are also told that the girls they approach are ‘real'. The winner gets a complimentary party for him and his friends in the VIP lounge at a club.

During the show, the players compete with one another in certain ‘scenarios' that they are given ahead of time. These include having to make a girl laugh in under a minute, opening a woman by insulting her shoes and my personal favorite, the ‘Reverse Gold Digger', where a contestant has 5 minutes to try and get a girl to buy HIM a drink.

This is probably the best show I have seen for a guy looking to improve his skills with women. Unlike previous dating shows such as ‘Blind Date' or ‘Elimidate', the guys on Keys to the VIP actually have game! This way you can see the RIGHT way to do things. I have seen these guys do some remarkable things with women at the club.

In one interaction, a guy approached a woman he wanted to dance with, but she was smoking a cigarette. He motioned to her to give him the cigarette (as if he wanted a drag). He then took the cigarette and STOMPED it out, and while the women was still in disbelief, he took her hand to get her to dance. It was a beautiful thing to watch.

In another approach, a guy was outed by a woman as a player ('I have seen you talking to EVERY woman in here'). The guy stayed cool, smiled, and asked her name. Almost immediately, she was totally into him and ended up giving him her phone number.

This program also shows you how to react when a woman is not interested. If one of these guys get shot down, they don't lose their cool. Rather, they have the attitude of ‘this girl just missed out on someone REALLY cool', and they move on to the next woman, unfazed.

My suggestion is to pre-record each episode so you can watch them several times. Focus on the body language and confidence that each of these guys convey. Don't worry so much about the actual words or ‘pick-up lines' they use. If you have the right attitude and body language when approaching, you can pretty much say ANYTHING and get away with it. But if you go into an approach looking nervous or unsure of yourself, you are going to get blown out, no matter WHAT you say.

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