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Saturday, June 2, 2007

Video: 'Can I Get Your Number?' The Misnomer of Getting Her Phone Number

EDITOR'S NOTE - This article is a follow-up on our previous posts, Video: Can I Have Your Number? and Getting Her Phone Number.

Before we begin, here is another clip from MADtv of our friend Darrell trying to score some tail at a fast food joint. Love the sweater!

Now let's remember, a 'phone number' in its simplest form, is merely a series of 7-10 digits. In and of themselves, they have NO significance whatsoever. A lot of guys go out with the end goal of 'getting her number' or trying to get as many phone numbers as they can. If you are looking to actually meet women, you NEED to shift your focus.

If you are talking to a women you just met, there is going to come a point where one of you is going to have to leave (ALWAYS better when YOU end the interaction first - and try and do it on a high note so she will look forward to speaking with you again!). In this situation, the purpose of 'getting her phone number' is so the two of you can continue talking at another time.

For a guy to walk right up to a woman and ask for her number within a few moments of talking to her is pointless. You have developed no rapport, and you come off as some creepy dude with questionable intentions.

Now every once in a while, a guy will try this approach and actually get a phone number. But this is fool's mate. This girl either gave you a fake phone number to get rid of you, or she is giving her number out to half the city. Plus, if you try calling her, she is not going to remember you from a hole in the wall. The number ain't worth the paper it's written on.

When you are out meeting people, make sure your focus is to actually engage a woman in conversation rather than 'scoring some digits'. Once you have done that, exit gracefully with something like, "Hey, I need to get back to my friends, but it was great meeting you." Then pause for a few seconds and say, "What's your number?" Its as simple as that. Just make sure you have a pen on you!

Alexander Stone & Stephen David

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