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Monday, May 14, 2007

A 'Scientific Approach' to Dating

I am happy to report that we have finally answered that question of yours from high school science class about how this (insert expletive here) is going to help you in real life. Here ya go...

The Scientific Method & Dating:

1. The Problem(s):
How do I find a date?
How do I find a girlfriend or boyfriend?
How do I find a partner?
How do I find a significant other?
How do I find a husband or wife?
How do I meet new people?

2. The Hypothesis:
I'll go out to bars and clubs (why is it that most people limit themselves to these two places? think outside the box!), ask friends to introduce me to other people or get an online dating membership.

3. Materials and Methods:
Ask pre-existing friends to help you out by introducing you to other people they know. Go to local hot spots or even keep your eyes open while going through the normal menutia of everyday life (i.e. smile and say hello to people while food shopping, browsing the bookstore or waiting on line at the bank). Get an online dating account with match, jdate, chemistry or any of the other dating sites out there. Decide what you are looking for.

4. Experiment:
Go out and have conversations with people and see what happens. Write your profile, email people, and set up some first meetings. Don't be a 'keyboard jockey' that just sits around looking at profiles. Let loose and have some fun.

5. Results:
Every date is practice for the next. What did I learn from the experience? Where can I improve next time? What were the positives and negatives? Alas, this starts getting easier!

6. Conclusion:
Do you have an interest in any of these people? Where do you see things heading? If it's a go, move on to the next step. If not? Wash. Rinse. Repeat cycle.

It's great when things flow neatly like this, but as we all know life isn't always linear - it often branches into many directions forming a complex web. Try and keep things as simple as possible and it will make life a lot simpler. Happy dating!

Alexander Stone & Stephen David
Copyright 2007 - Approach Dynamics / Online Dating Edge

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I am a professor of Biology. I will have my lab TA show this in class. You see, there is need for scientific method. Very cute. I like it, finally something came to me on scientific method.